Get mad – write a song

Sometime last year my older daughter got mad at her younger sister and cousin; she was feeling excluded. As expected, there was yelling and hitting and other displays of hurt feelings.

Punk Rock Dad to the scene!

I intervened with, “Do you know what I like to do when I get mad?” This caught her off guard. I think she was expecting something more parental like “STOP IT!”

She was definitely curious and I shared the secret technique of writing a song.

The way I like to start is with some lyrics so I told her to write down what she was feeling.

“I feel mad.”

“Good. What rhymes with mad?”, I asked.

After we had a couple lines down she asked what was next. I took her over to the keyboard and told her to play what she felt. Then we just started singing the lyrics over the music.

She felt pretty happy about what she had done and proudly shared it with everyone else. She was no longer mad at them and now has a new skill. Maybe she’ll write great protest songs in the future 🙂

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