Iron Maiden Shoes

Check out these sweet Vans I saw today!

Iron Maiden Shoes

I walked around the store 3 times looking for a pair in my size. I could only find 6, 8 and 9. I don’t know if that means that size 11 feet are so into Iron Maiden that there were none to be had for weeks, or that size 11 feet are just not into Iron Maiden.

I’m not into Iron Maiden like I used to be (back when I could wear a 6, 8 or 9) but these are hard to pass up. I mean, that’s the cover from Killers. And they’re slip-on Vans. And they were only $30.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, lots of places sell Vans. I did a search and found some downtown for $70. But if I’m going to spend that much, I’ll buy the hi-top Bad Brains model. The key thing here is that Iron Maiden is cool for $30. At $70, that’s just a little too creepy-obsessive for my tastes.

One Response to “Iron Maiden Shoes”

  1. I still want those shoes desperately. Unfortunately I wear size 15 and they are just not made in my size. another case of yeti discrimination

    great post by the way I’m a huge fan as well & I only recently realized how profound an influence they’ve had on me.

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