Shingles Jingle

A couple interesting things have happened to me over the last couple of weeks.

First, I seem to be one of those lucky people who gets that adult relapse of Chicken Pox known as Shingles.

Second, Polly has said that my vocals are too blah, for lack of a better term. I know I’m not the greatest vocal stylist there is and we’re OK with that. What she was getting at is that my vocals don’t have enough of their own melody.

So, I put one and two together and crafted the Shingles Jingle. What did I do differently in creating this song? I started with the vocals. I sang the song as I envisioned it and played the music around that. It’s definitely a different way for me to do things and I have tried that for a couple other songs that I’m working on.

What does Polly think? She laughed. She compared me to Weird Al and said I should do more songs like this. I nodded and smiled trying to hold back the tears. I had obviously missed the high tension drama, inspired by real world trauma, that I was going for with this number.

Did I get the infectious melody that I had hoped for from this contagion? Perhaps. The kids are bouncing around singing it.

Song count: 10

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