Hotel Room Blues

Last week I was in San Francisco for GDC (the Game Developer Conference). I would love to develop a game again but I was there for work. On the flight down, I was thinking about how I could progress on the 50 song challenge.

Writing lyrics seemed like a good way to make progress, but there had to be more I could do. Lyrics are usually pretty easy to come up with – moreso than a song.

I started tapping my fingers and bouncing my leg to think and it struck me – not the hand of my neighbor on the airplane who I was annoying by twitching – the idea to record a song in my hotel room. I would use nothing but the mic on my laptop and everything in the hotel room to make noise.

I was going to make a rap song based on most of the available instruments being percussive in nature.

As I was checking out my home for the week, I decided to sing about the grand size of my bathroom, even taking advantage of the acoustics.

A stately room to exercise the fine craft of hotel room song writing

A stately room to exercise the fine craft of hotel room song writing

The view was awesomely inspirational! I almost dropped my phone 27 stories taking this picture.

Song Writing Inspiration

Song Writing Inspiration

I decided to make a video, using the webcam on my laptop. I was going to move all the furniture into the bathroom to show how large it was.

I fired up my recording software and started singing the blues – without my hardware I was having issues and would not be successful.

Next trip I will have to be better prepared. I think I’m still going to make a song in this manner – it’s just going to be more of a blues tune now.

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