Rhyming Dictionary

A rhyming dictionary comes in pretty handy when writing songs and lyrics. I didn’t used to think so. I used to think a rhyming dictionary was cheating. Anyone good with words should have the vocabulary to support them.

I would always use a dictionary and a synonym dictionary but never liked the rhyming dictionary. I recently came across some links to buy rhyming dictionaries. That really rubbed me the wrong way. Why should one have to pay for that when these kinds of things can be freely had on the internet.

I’m not against paying for things but I do feel that reading and writing are basic human rights and the internet helps to support that.

Alas, I’ve become a product of the information age. I was working on some words for a song about downsizing and wanted some more rhymes. I did a search for a rhyming dictionary and found this free online rhyming dictionary called Rhymer. They still want to sell you stuff but it was a good help to get my brain going.

What’s the song I’m working? It rhymes with downsized.

One Response to “Rhyming Dictionary”

  1. yea rhyming dictionaries are cool, good article

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