Jingle This is Cool!

As follow-up to my Jingle This post, I would like to stand up in my basement and say Jingle This is Cool! They caught my attention by referring to guys in the basement making music but since they don’t have basements in California I can’t slag them too much. One actually has to pity them a little bit for not being able to enjoy the quiet solitude of the basement. A place so far removed from the rest of the house that you can often not hear when people are calling on you to do chores and you can convincingly argue that you didn’t hear the call if you don’t like the contents of it.

Anyways, my frien John saw that Jingle This offered a free demo and took them up on it. John has his own theme song which is pretty cool. That puts him in with the likes of Conan O’Brien.

Anyways, I said I felt inspired to write a song about Jingle This. I started a couple:

jingle this is cool
a super duper marketing tool
call them on the phone
they’ll make a demo for you pro bon-oh, oh, oh!

And even though I have many theme songs, I figured I can always use another one:

i’m just a guy in the basement
i’m up to no good
i’m just a guy in the basement
my songs are not good
they’re bad
bad ass

and i’ll write you one
just for fun
i’ll write you one
with lyrics set to stun
i’ll write you one
whether you like it or not

2 Responses to “Jingle This is Cool!”

  1. Nice, but how do I hear these new songs (or are they lyrics only so far)?

    I may need a new theme song pretty soon…

  2. I still need to put the rest of the studio back together so it’s only lyrics right now…I am thinking about music to climb rocks to šŸ˜‰

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