I am a Favourite Punk Rock Band!

Check this out: RockerFreak, someone I don’t know, as best I can figure out, has added me to their list of Favourite Punk Rock Bands 🙂

4 Responses to “I am a Favourite Punk Rock Band!”

  1. I will put you on my list of bestest hardcorepeeps…IF YOU TAPE ME hay..
    or the demos?

  2. I thought it sounded pretty good for that mono walkman, I had Death Tonge on the oter side, but don’t know if I copied that for Shane too.

    I tried looking for him in yellow pages and on the internet, and can’t find him.

    Last I heard was he was hanging at Darren and Rob Raffan’s house everyday drinking his brains out.
    This was after he borrowed the TOOL debut cd, and refused to give it back. H es topped calling and hanging out cuz A) maybe he felt guilty he was a thieving asshole
    B) I didn’t drink atthat time, I was sort of straight edge and didn’t get wasted. Think I even had cut down smoking cigarettes at that time (I don’tsmoke anything anymore now).

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