Is Antipop the best Primus album?

I woke up kind of early-ish this morning and realized it was a perfect time to listen to some Primus. My better half is not in the Primus fan club. Actually just looking at Les Claypool makes her cringe, much the way Geddy Lee’s singing does. There seems to be a bit of a trend there with her – awesome bass players can’t be singers. Example number three is Mr. Wrong from Nomeansno. It’s a hard life…

I wasn’t thinking about that difference of opinion at the time. Antipop jumped out at me and was the soundtrack to morning stretches and smoothie making. As I was enjoying the morning I was thinking that Antipop might be the best Primus album. There’s a dark aggressiveness to it that was really working for me this morning.

I started to wonder if Les had been thinking back to high school and hanging out with the guys from Metallica. Later on I decided to consult the Wikipedia and it turns out that I forgot that a certain Mr. Hetfield did some work on the album. Antipop also came out after Primus toured with Limp Bizkit and Korn. So, I guess that would explain it.

Speaking of aggressiveness, around the time Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool, my quiet contemplation was interrupted by a Mama Don’t Like No Primus – that might actually make a good song šŸ™‚

One Response to “Is Antipop the best Primus album?”

  1. seas of cheese man… listen to it again…. so awesome

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