The Bad Pixels are Blowing in the Wind

Let’s zoom forward about 20 years from Hyper-Active Youth to the Bad Pixels. This was a band we put together at Alias to play at the annual holiday party. For the Bad Pixels, I traded in the bass for some drums – it was pretty fun!

We played a bunch of cover songs, one of which you can see here for the first time since the concert – dig it!

Yes, we are a bunch of software geeks and yes the name is a computer graphics joke. Please enjoy the simulated bad AA on the logo in the background 🙂

4 Responses to “The Bad Pixels are Blowing in the Wind”

  1. that made my day macko

  2. Ditto!!!!!!!!!! Totally made my day!! WOW… that is amazing. I had no idea that someone was filming that!! Sooooo long ago…

    We rocked SO hard!!

  3. I would buy a Bad Pixels T-shirt. Totally serious.

  4. Let’s see some 5 star ratings on that in youtube, then – we’ll take the world by storm in our reunion tour 😉

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