Is there any reason to keep audio cassettes?

As part of the Leaky Basement Blues project, I’m moving my musical equipment around again and looking at hundreds of audio cassettes and wondering how much they weigh. I know they take a lot of space and I rarely listen to them since they’re not as convenient.

Apparently each 90 minute cassette, with plastic case and card stock weighs 2.8 ounces. There are 16 ounces in a pound so that’s almost 6 tapes to the pound or 12 cassettes to the kilogram. That’s a lot of stuff to keep lugging around.

I saw an interesting post from Yahoo!Tech that says:

To be sure, tape sales fell off a cliff throughout the ’90s and ’00s, from three billion in 1988 to five million by 2007. But now they’re at a point where they’re rebounding — however slightly — with TDK alone on track to sell at least three million tapes in 2009.

Here’s what I think I’m going to:

  • burn the good ones to my hard drive
  • give some to my wife and the kids
  • give some to my nephew
  • offer the others to friends or charity

The challenge is going to be the time required to go through them all, especially as the basement is getting emptied out and there’s less stuff for me to say I’m organizing before my wife catches on to me 😉

I am finding some gold and you may see some of it here soon – stay tuned!

5 Responses to “Is there any reason to keep audio cassettes?”

  1. Wow! Just found a series of tapes called “KSGI talk Radio” – anyone remember those? Gary Lauer, Executive VP or Worldwide Field Operations and Joe Dinucci, VP pf Manufacturing Industries at Silicon Graphics talking about stuff

  2. Live tape of Voivod and Celtic Frost from the Concert Hall in Toronto, May 24, 1986

  3. A pink home made tape with Hall and Oates Greates Hits – scary!

  4. […] Robo’s Songs Check out these two songs I found on one of the hundreds of audio cassettes I’m wondering what to do with. These are a couple songs that Robo wrote in what I think was the year 1991. We started to record […]

  5. You have Concert Hall live tapes???
    Hook me up with any tapes you want to get rid of, I’ll take the bus to Toronto!

    and Hall and Oates were better than a lot of so-called music that has happened since then.

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