Bokonon: Robo’s Songs

Check out these two songs I found on one of the hundreds of audio cassettes I’m wondering what to do with. These are a couple songs that Robo wrote in what I think was the year 1991. We started to record them in my basement but had to move out to the garage to finish them because we were bothering the other inhabitants. I seem to recall that we had to layer up as it was fall and getting colder.

I wish we had the vocals louder – I tried to pull them out a bit from the original recording but it’s only marginally better. Getting the vocals right seems to be my weak spot – someday I suppose.

Robo’s doing most of the singing and guitaring. I did the bassing and the drum programming.

What does Bokonon mean? I had to look it up as I forgot, too đŸ˜‰

One Response to “Bokonon: Robo’s Songs”

  1. Just found another tape – I thing the song I labelled Contract is called “Among Friends”.

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