Send Hardcory Mogkenstein to your cell phone (free song download warning)

I saw this note the other day saying send Hardcory Mogkenstein to your cell phone. At first this sounded cool. Then it got intriguing.

As I think about it now, it’s OK but it is one of those examples of how opportunistic people are and can take advantage of you if you’re not careful. I have some songs set for free download so someone downloaded I don’t want to go back from Last.FM, or created some kind of crawler that did the download and now my song is on BeeMP3.

My guess is that BeeMP3 makes money in partnership with the cell phone providers and some middlemen by putting links on their site to download songs. So now all of these companies are going to make money off of my song and I won’t see any of it.

In defense of BeeMp3, they do have a clearly displayed link on the I don’t want to go back page that says Report Copyrighted Link so that I can have the song removed.

What am I going to do?

I’m going to leave it there for the following reasons:

  1. To make this blog post remain an active warning/example for bands and musicians who are posting songs for free download on things that can happen
  2. To watch BeeMP3 and see if people actually download my song from there. Is BeeMP3 a good promotional tool?

BeeMP3 has a stats counter – at time of writing I don’t want to go back has zer0 downloads). Note that they don’t have a Send to Cellphone counter, and I don’t know why people would hit that link – I would expect anyone with basic critical thinking skills to download the song and add it to their cell phone “manually”. I’ve already set this song to free download elsewhere so I’m not really losing anything and may be gaining some free promotion.

One interesting point about BeeMP3 is that you can comment on songs so I’ve added a couple under different names.

So, the big takeaway is that someone will always find a way to rip you off, if you let them – perhaps in more surprising and devious ways on the internet.


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