Scream reunion show

I thought Christmas was pretty good this year when my brother got me both of the Wool CDs: Budspawn and Box Set. I lost my copies of two of the greatest releases ever.

Now, the news gets better as Rob Slob tells me Scream played a reunion show at the Black Cat. You can learn a little more about Scream in the show announcement. I wish I knew about that show in advance and got to check it out. It was the original Scream line-up (before Dave Grohl was in the band) plus Brian Baker of Minor Threat fame. It must’ve been cool. Maybe it was recorded and will be released like their last reunion show at the Black Cat.

In this interview with Peter Stahl, he says they’re recording new material – sweet!

Here’s a clip – the sound isn’t the greatest but it seems like they’ve still got it 🙂

When I saw Scream play at the Rivoli in Toronto, they went on late and the club got tired of them playing and shut the power off. Scream wasn’t done so they defiantly played an acoustic number which may well have been Walking by Myself that you see in this video.

And, some nice pictures from the show.

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