Collecting Fans on Reverb Nation: an unhappy experience

So, I’ve been looking at a bunch of the promotional sites for bands and ReverbNation is my current fave – they have this widget to collect fans that I thought I would try out – I’m not quite sure why but it is.

The results of my test are failure. Why?

They have a nice tool to create a widget with custom colors and then they say to copy and paste the code into WordPress. That failed – except for the ReverbNation banner and link back to their homepage.

The other workflow they suggest is to copy some code that works with the ReverbNation plug-in for WordPress. What I just learned is that there are two WordPresses: .com and .org. Did you know that? You can read the details if you want but the short story is that the plug-in works for .com and I’m using .org.

Now I realize that everyone is trying to make money on the web but if you want my money it has to be easy to use. This is not such an experience. And I’ll say that this is typical of most of the bands trying to use this stuff – they’re musicians not computer geeks. I could sort this out if I wanted to but this gets out of my music is a hobby to get away from my day job thing.

So, if ReverbNation has failed me here why do I like them?

They’re not that easy to use and they’re out to nickel and dime you. I guess what I like is the amount of options they have – I am a geek after all – my shirt says so. On the pro side, they do send a bunch of mail to remind you about stuff – some might call it spam. I’m still trying them out so they may change my mind.

The thing that got me to the Fan Collector was that they have a cool little icon of a treasure chest labeled “Opportunities”. This is to let you sign-up for contests and stuff. As I said before, everyone wants to make money on the web so there is a catch. You need an RPK: ReverbNation Press Kit. You can create one free and try it out for 30 days. What is the cost of the RPK after 30 days? I don’t know and I’m not inclined to check it out – if you have to ask you can’t afford it 😉

This takes me back to two of my other great music promotion on the web disappointments:

Y’know what? I’ll add a third: the demise of It’s now mixed in with and I have no idea what value that site offers.

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