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The Vandals vs Daily Variety

September 13, 2010

Here’s an interesting one – the Vandals are being sued because they made artwork that was too similar to a newspaper’s logo. In a classic show of DIY, the Vandals happen to have an entertainment lawyer in the band – the bass player – not only does he hold down the rhythm… 😉 Good luck, […]

Youth Youth Youth and Johnny Cash

September 11, 2010

Years ago I used to listen to a radio show on CKLN (88.1 here in Toronto) called Arg Rock. One night I tuned in and heard Johnny Cash singing The one on the Left was on the Right and I thought the show was off the air or had some kind of programming error. Later […]

The Didjits need more people to watch the Top Fuel video

September 10, 2010

Classic intro on this one and boy, is Rick ever a swanky dresser!

HyperActive Youth First Gig Flyer

September 8, 2010

Yes, I found my old collection of flyers – I’m going through them to see if there’s anything worth keeping. My current thinking is that the cool ones will make it onto the web and then hit the recycling bin. This flyer is from the first Hyper-Active Youth gig. This was a pretty exciting show […]

ACDC Shoes

September 6, 2010

Check these babies out – again, not available in my size 😦

Cannibalized in Autumn: First Gig Flyer

September 4, 2010

I found this flyer of the first and only gig I played with Cannabalized in Autumn. This was one of my first bands and we only played cover songs; songs by the likes of the Ramones, Joy Division and Iggy and the Stooges. We also threw in a cover of Minor Threat and Something I […]