HyperActive Youth First Gig Flyer

Yes, I found my old collection of flyers – I’m going through them to see if there’s anything worth keeping. My current thinking is that the cool ones will make it onto the web and then hit the recycling bin.

This flyer is from the first Hyper-Active Youth gig.

Hyper-Active Youth Gig

This was a pretty exciting show – we found out about this house in the neighbourhood that was condemned, or something to that effect, and was going to be torn down. The beauty was that the electricity was still on. Electricity is important for a band who needs amplifiers. It’s also important as a way to generate heat in Canada in the winter.

So, there was the fear factor of playing in this house, that may not be safe, the fear of the cops coming and shutting things down and who knows what else. We weren’t charging any money and so didn’t have anyone watching the door or our backs for that matter. We did give out free muffins and donuts, courtesy of Tim Horton’s being over-stocked on New Year’s Eve and actually closing down for a few hours.

What else seemed to be a fight that night that our guitar player got into into the middle of a song. I was in the middle of singing (it may have been Drugged and Driving by the Dayglo Abortions) and just saw my mic fly into the crowd, slightly behind our guitar player. It was rather chaotic but we kind of pulled through the song and the rest of the set. Later that night I heard of some New Year’s Eve reveler with his nose hanging off of his face in an abnormal manner…


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