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Saturday Night Live Punk: Fear

January 19, 2011

I mentioned before that SCTV taught me all I need to know about punk. Well, Saturday Night Live could teach you a thing or two, too. Here’s what happened when Fear played Saturday Night Live: FEAR live TV 1981 – wideo FYI, the Suburban Lawns played SNL, too.

Suburban Lawns

January 17, 2011

I introduced myself in another blog with: Somehow, I find myself living in a neighbourhood of suits. I’ve often felt that they’re watching me – I don’t wear a suit to work or spend hours on the weekend pouring chemicals on my yard and running a pollution spewing lawnmower in pursuit of a golf-course like […]

What We Do Is Secret

January 16, 2011

Netflix in Canada also offers What We Do Is Secret, a punk biopic about Darby Crash and the Germs. It’s a very well done movie and the sound track is great; Pat Smear set all that up. The Germs actually rerecorded songs for the movie with Shane West, the actor playing Darby Crash, doing the […]

What’s this shit called love?

January 14, 2011

You know the Meatmen but do you know the Pagans?  

American Hardcore: Who’s Missing?

January 9, 2011

Thanks to the free 30 day trial of Netflix (which is awesome so far), I finally got to see American Hardcore, the documentary of hardcore punk in the U.S. The opening took me right back to my youth. There was a lot of interesting content throughout but I found it a bit surprising that it […]

Am I Scott Pilgrim?

January 8, 2011

My brother got me the Scott Pilgrim DVD for my birthday and said I had to watch it. He wouldn’t go into a lot of details but kept asking me if I watched it. As I watched it I finally realized why – it’s like an unauthorized biography. There are the obvious similarities like the […]