Am I Scott Pilgrim?

My brother got me the Scott Pilgrim DVD for my birthday and said I had to watch it. He wouldn’t go into a lot of details but kept asking me if I watched it.

As I watched it I finally realized why – it’s like an unauthorized biography. There are the obvious similarities like the bass player, the city and versing the entire world but it’s the more subtle things that makes one wonder if they’ve been watched from afar. Things like:

  • People say my hair gets kind of shaggy
  • I always wanted a Rickenbacker bass at that point in my life – are they taunting me?
  • I experienced conflict with another band backstage at Lee’s Palace
  • I didn’t slap my guitar playing singer – I hit him in the face with the head of my bass as I awesomely swung around with my “phasers set to stun”
  • My wife has 7 evil exes and two of them are brothers and I died at least a couple times on the way to getting married

Some places where they got the details of my life wrong:

  • I was never in a band with a girl drummer (I think all the female drummers in Scott Pilgrim is a bit of a message to the male drummers but I won’t expand on that to prevent insulting the females – we need more of them playing in bands as opposed to being scantily clad eye candy to sell pop video drivel)
  • I rode the skateboard
  • I didn’t fight a guy with vegan powers but I did use my awesome straightedge powers to positive advantage

All that said, I still whole-heartedly endorse the movie and anxiously await some royalties. A little more pimping – Mad Mike posted about how you too can become Scott Pilgrim (aka Hardcory Mogkenstein).

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