Scream is playing – get a babysitter!

Scream has a new album out and you can hear and download a cool new song called Stopwatch on their website.

I was looking at Scream’s website where you can download this hot track and noticed the call to get a babysitter and see them play. I can’t think of a better reason to get a babysitter but it’s funny as babysitter’s were the last thing on my mind last time I had the opportunity to see Scream play 😉

Aug 26, 2011: Playing at the Uptown in Oakland 2night! We go on 11:30PM. Get your ass off the couch! get a babysitter! do what u got to do! come on out!!

According to this interview with Toronto’s Exclaim magazine, Scream won’t be getting to Toronto, or Canada for that matter any time soon, because of that big line that separates Canada and the USA 😦


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