Music Sharing Sites

There are so many music sharing sites that I need to start cataloging them all. I hope to do this in a way that will be useful for people other than myself. If you see anything that I’m missing, please send me a note and I’ll update the list.

This is a work in progress…

General Social Networking with Support for Bands

These are the de facto social networking sites that have decent support for bands:

Dedicated Music Sharing Sites

  • GimmeSound
  • Fairtilizer: This one is more about electronic music (I search for Punk and it Finds Daft Punk, who are a fine outfit but musically quite different from Hardcory Mogkenstein)
  • SoundCloud: This site is particularly good for posting songs for a private email list, like a client or collaborator. I like the waveform that gets shown when you check out songs here.
  • GrooveShark: Great site if you know who you want to listen to – not as good for new music discovery. Widgets to embed your songs in web pages are cool.
  • Garage Band
  • PureVolume: This has a good focus on hard rock and generally heavy music
  • uPlaya
  • Jamendo
  • Live365
  • BeeMP3: A free MP3 for download hosting site with download counter and comments. Read my BeeMP3 Story.
  • ReverbNation

Money Making Sites

Punk Resources


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  1. […] looking at and I figured it might be useful to others so I have created a generic resource page of Music Sharing Sites. It’s still a work in progress so any help you can offer to build it up would be […]

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