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I hate the Bloody Queen

December 15, 2010

One of my oldest and fondest punk rock memories comes from SCTV. The Queenhaters made a big impression on me, as did all of SCTV. Speakeasy eventually covered this fine number. We also parodied it. We found a cheap golden bust of Elvis in a variety store. I hate the Bloody Queen became I hate […]

Rock Against Racism

July 15, 2010

RobSlobAnarchy found this flyer for a show we (Speakeasy) did almost 20 years ago – to quote My Dog Popper, “we’re old, we’re fat and we’re slow…” – thanks to Equalizing-X-Distort at CIUT radio for digging this up 🙂 Speaking of My Dog Popper, where can I get a hat like this?

A look at the Speakeasy Calendar

September 23, 2009

I found an old journal that I used for a co-op term in college. Other than the work notes, I kept some notes on what the band was up to. The band was Speakeasy and this was a pretty good time in our lives. You can see how busy we kept: Band practices together Gig […]