Sweet Honeytone on my Hip

Yep, that’s what you see in my picture. It’s a sweet little amp and I can go mobile, wandering the streets aimlessly, forever – at least until my battery dies (which only seems to be a couple of hours).


You get the stoners asking you to play some Zep. Sometimes you oblige them. Sometimes you ask them who Zep is. Sometimes you start with the Zep and break into the Beastie Boys – they really hate that. Sometimes it even makes them violent. They talk of sacrilege and threaten you with holy war. I guess it impresses their girlfriends…

Speaking of girlfriends, my wife drew a parallel between the dress style of rocker chicks and country chicks. I never made that connection before. I’m going to use that next time someone asks me to play some Zep: is Zep that new country band? Y’all look like cowboys.


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