Potluck: We Wish We Were Motorhead

Here’s a toe-tapping tribute to Motorhead we created and have cleverly called “We Wish We Were Motorhead”


We Wish We Were Motorhead

Fuck or fight, every night
Keep it clean, you know what I mean
We got the devil’s myth, we got the Iron Fist
We got the Snaggletooth, we’re living 80 proof

We wish we were Motorhead, that’s right

What would Lemmy do? We better ask the Road Crew
Another Perfect Day, y’know I’m having my say
Now don’t get me wrong, we got Orgasmatron
It’d be the end of days, without the Ace of Spades

We wish we were Motorhead, that’s right


One Response to “Potluck: We Wish We Were Motorhead”

  1. You may be interested in Garage Baby – a Toronto based Vintage Punk Inspired band. They are having a CD release Sept 26 and 27th at the Press Club.

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