50 Song Challenge

The 50 Song Challenge is Hardcory Mogkenstein’s personal quest to create 50 songs in 2009. Here are the songs so far:

  1. I don’t want to go back
  2. Isabella’s New Year’s Jazz Tune
  3. Rose (this counts for half because it is Genevieve singing lyrics of love to the music of I don’t want to go back)
  4. Parading Pachyderms (Make a Decision)
  5. Useless People
  6. Geek Song
  7. Code Faster
  8. Groovatronistic
  9. Lonely Old Crow
  10. Shingles Jingle
  11. Three
  12. Clownsized
  13. Pontiac Beaumont
  14. I’m a Tennis Widower to Roger Federer
  15. 15 Seconds of Shame

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